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Statistics Is A Hard Subject

In a research study conducted to reveal the most difficult subject, many who were interviewed students mentioned statistics and mathematics. Below are some of the reasons that make statistics difficult:

1. Statistics is difficult to relate to

Often students understand a subject that they relate to in real life. Statistics being an abstract subject becomes difficult for many students. This way, students are forced to study harder and practice regularly to understand the many Statistics concepts.  Failure to dedicate much time to study statistics concepts, many students end up performing poorly in Statistics.

2. It is either right or wrong

Contrary to other subjects like history, statistics leave no room for errors when doing Statistics assignments. This is so because statistics deals with numbers and numbers do not lie. This way students can either solve statistic problems or get them wrong. This makes statistics stressful and frustrating to many students.

3. It builds on itself

Statistics is a sequential subject thus regarded as an accumulative subject. Therefore, as students climb the academic ladder, basic Statistic concepts are essential in understanding complex and advanced Statistic concepts.

4. Statistic does not rely on memorization

There are many concepts and formulas in statistics that require students to memorize than understanding them. To most students, it is easier to remember what they understand than what they memorized. Given the many concepts and formulas in statistics, most students find it incomprehensible to memorize.

5. Statistics needs a lot of practice

Statistics questions/problems are not easily solved by most students. This is because they require students to dedicate much of their time to practice solving similar or related problems to be able to solve assignment problems and answer examination questions. Without regular practice, many students find statistics a harder subject in their academic life.

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Homework Assignments Our Team Of Experienced Statistics Tutors Can Help You Complete

Linear regression and correlation: This includes the topics like least-squares influential observation, outliers, correlation coefficient, inference in linear regression, multiple linear regression ANOVA for regression (including F statistics) among others.

Experiments and sampling: our experienced team of tutors will help you in completing your assignments emerging from areas covered under Experimental Design, Sampling and Sampling in Statistical Inference areas

Probability: Assignments emanating from Probability Models, Conditional Probability, Random Variables, Mean and Variance of Random Variables, Binomial Distributions, and Sample means are equally tackled by our academic writers.

Hypothesis tests and confidence intervals: this covers areas such as Confidence intervals, Tests of Significance, comparison of Two Means, Inference for Categorical Data, Chi-square Goodness of Fit Test and Two-Way tables, and Chi-square test, among others.

Describing and displaying data: our Statistics tutors will solve your statistics assignments from all areas covered under this topic including areas like Graphical displays (Stemplots, Histograms, Scatterplots, etc.), Numerical Summaries (Mean, Median, Quantiles, Variance, and Standard Deviation), Normal Distributions (assessing normality and normal probability plots) and Categorical Data (two-way, bar graphs and segmented bar graphs)

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