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  • Bibliographical information: Here, you must include the full title of the book including subtitle, author's name, publisher, date of publication, book edition (if any), and the number of pages. All this information should be presented in an appropriate bibliographical style under the title of the report.
  • Background information: Write any information about the author of the book that shows the credentials that the author has for writing in this field. Also, detail out any interesting circumstances that made the author write the book.
  • Intended audience: Reveal the audience that the book is intended to. Is the book meant for the general public, students, or specialists? Id the book focused on a wider subject or a specific subject? You may get reliable information about the audience of the book from general indexes, bibliographies, and appendices.
  • Subject and thesis statement: In this section, you need to explain what the book is all about. Bring out the book’s main concern as well as the thesis statement (author's particular point of view on the topic).
  • Summary of content: The summary of the book report follows the author's order and should be based on your reading notes. It should also contain the main ideas that advance the arguments that the author presents.
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