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Welcome to write-myessays.net (herein referred to as the “Website”). The terms and conditions stipulated here are meant to guide your use and access of the website’s contents and services. All the terms and conditions are legally binding. As such, by using this website, you agree to be bound by the stated terms and conditions. The violation of these terms and conditions can lead to the automatic closure of any of your accounts with us.

1. Definitions

“We”, “us”, “ours”, “support” refers to WriteMyEssays Writing Services

“You”, “user”, “client” means any individual, business or legal entity registered with us as a website user, having read and accepted our terms and conditions and with the capability to place and assign an order, upload any information as guided by the website’s privacy policy, and make payments on this website.

“Account” is the private platform used by the client to submit orders, transfer payments, or make enquiries regarding the website. The account is created after the user’s registration process.

“Order” is any paid service containing the client’s requirements and instructions for execution by any of our writers.

“Product” refers to any completed work for a placed order.

“Writer”, “expert” refers to a trained expert contracted by us to work on the order placed and assigned by you on our website.

2.Account Registration

You are required to provide your personal information (email address) in order to get full access to the website’s products and services. The registration process is free of charge.

3.Placing an Order

Once the client has placed an order on our website, a writer with the requisite expertise contacts the client expressing their interest to work on the placed order. The writer also indicates the bid price for the order. Once the client is satisfied with the writer’s bid, he or she deposits the agreed cash with our website. Specific resources to be used in completing the assignment should be stated and or uploaded before the writer commences their own research work. The client is able to track the progress of their order through our efficient messaging system. Once the order is complete, the writer notifies the client through a prompt message. At this stage, the client can seek for any clarification regarding the completed assignment. Any necessary revision is also effected as agreed with the writer.

4.Change of Order Details

The client can change the order details as long as the writer has not yet started working on the assignment. Any change of instructions after commencement of research and completion of the order is not admissible. In case such a situation arises, the client is required to place another order with the new set of instructions. Additional details constituting an increase in volume and or complexity of the order may require additional pages (and consequently, additional charges) to facilitate the successful completion of the entire project.

5.Closing of an Order

Once the complete assignment is delivered by our expert, the client is given an ample time to go through it and pinpoint any areas of concern. The client can request for multiple revisions until they are fully satisfied that all the order requirements have been met. Once the client is satisfied with the delivered work, he or she can then proceed to close the order and rate our services.

6.Delivery of Products

All the products are submitted to the concerned clients through our website. We are not responsible for any misconstrued product delivered through any platform other than our website.

7. Handling of our Products

All the assignments completed by our writers are WriteMyEssays Writing Services’ products. Once the client has accepted a bid offer for an order and made the necessary payments, he or she agrees that the product is for personal use. The product should not be used commercially, for instance, by posting it on the internet or reproducing it for sale.

8. Money Back Guarantee

A full refund is guaranteed to any client who expresses genuine concerns regarding the quality of the services and or products we provide. We facilitate the refund within 48 hours once a claim has been made.

9. Disclaimer

9.1 The access and or use of the website is on an “as is” basis. There is no assurance that the website will meet all your expectations.

9.2 The availability of the website’s contents may be subject to the device used to access it. We are not liable in situations where certain services are inaccessible using particular devices.

9.3 We may make any modification on the website as the need arises. We will not be liable for any inconvenience and or loss incurred as a result of any alteration on the website.

9.4 We are not responsible for any hurdles encountered during the use and navigation of the website. Such challenges include but are not limited to device damage (hardware or software) and internet connectivity issues.

9.5 We are not liable for any economic or financial loss arising from the utilization of our products and services.

9.6 We are not liable for any criminal proceeding leveled against a client for wrongful use of this website.

9.7 We are not liable for any typographical or printing errors on our products.

10. Security and Privacy

By using this website, the client is deemed cognizant of the fact that internet is prone to data corruption, unapproved access, and intermittent delays. As such, we do not guarantee a flawless delivery of services while interacting with the website. Neither do we guarantee the confidentiality of your personal details and or communications via the website. Payments for services delivered are made through PayPal. The client is asked to acquaint themselves with PayPal’s privacy policy at https://www.paypal.com.

11. Contacts

For more information, you can contact us through:
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://write-myessays.net/